DMN Logistics pushes growth pedal to the metal

A Birmingham logistics specialist is gearing up for record growth following significant investment in new premises, vehicles and branding.

DMN Logistics, which offers a range of vehicle logistics services including collection and delivery, storage, maintenance and specialist driver recruitment, has acquired two new premises in the Digbeth area of the city spanning over 16,000 square feet to house its head office and vehicle storage functions.

The company, which employs 50 people in Birmingham and a further 155 nationwide and handles over 65,000 vehicle deliveries annually, has also made significant investments in its covered vehicle transportation offering, acquiring 5 new car trailers for transporting prestige marques and electric vehicles.

These developments, coupled with further investments in fresh company branding, a new customer mobile app and website, put the £4.9 million turnover business firmly on track for record double digit growth this year as it looks to build on its top 5 positioning within the UK vehicle logistics market.

Commenting on the news, Nick Chadaway, managing director of the company, says:

“From relatively humble beginnings in 2010, we have steadily grown the business year on year and gained a solid reputation as a trusted supplier to commercial vehicle users the length of the UK. We set out our stall as a people-focussed operation from day one and this philosophy continues to serve the business well to this day, helping us retain prized blue-chip clients such at BT Fleet and CAT UK.

“Looking ahead, we see growing demand for our covered vehicle transport service, especially given the rise to prominence of electric vehicles and will be actively focussing on developing our driver services offering as more and more customers opt to rent drivers for their fleets on a short-term basis.”

DMN Logistics serves over 110  commercial clients nationwide, offering vehicle collection and delivery services from Aberdeen to Zennor. For further information, visit

Look after employees as well as customers

I came across an article recently that showed the automotive sector is now bottom of the league table for customer service, below insurance and utility companies.  The article also showed that honesty is the most valued trait in the way a company deals with customers, cited as a top three trait by 50% of people, followed by efficiency (48%) and reliability (44%).

One of the biggest mistakes lots of businesses make is not being both customer and employee centric. If you look after your employees, they will look after your customers.

Being slow to respond to web, email and phone enquiries is certain to give potential customers a bad impression. Ignoring customers is a cardinal sin. So everyone that touches a customer should be trained to respond quickly to all enquiries.

It may seem trivial, but when you consider that 85% of consumers that don’t have a call answered will never call back, and three quarters won’t leave an answerphone message either (I certainly won’t !).

A well trained, and engaged employee will go the extra mile to respond to all enquiries and shine for your business – we have lots of them here at DMN !