If you love driving, you’ll love working with DMN.

DMN is one of the country’s leading vehicle inspection, collection and delivery companies, moving cars and vans all over the UK.

As the face of our company, our drivers are our most important asset. We are hiring for vehicle inspection and collection roles nationwide. If you enjoy driving and are interested in vehicles, have great customer service skills and are fluent in English, we want to here from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of our most common questions about being a DMN Vehicle Delivery Driver.

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We’ll pay you per job, which is £23.75 for the first fifty five miles and then 21p per mile thereafter. There are additional payments depending on the job and customer for certain handovers. We also pay £12 per hour for time spent charging electric vehicles while on-route.

In addition for those with really good vehicle knowledge and inspection skills there will be the opportunity to progress to be an Inspector Driver with enhanced rates of pay.

They vary considerably depending on the work, traffic weather, etc. so no two days are ever the same.

We try to plan the work so there is as little distance between your last delivery and your next collection as possible, though this varies enormously. You’ll need to be prepared to walk, hop on a bus or catch a train, so you will need to plan your day the evening before. Where possible we’ll arrange a lift with a fellow driver.

There is a weekly service charge to cover insurance, trade plates,

If you have an accident in one of our vehicles you’ll have to pay the excess, which is currently £250.00, unless we can reclaim it from the third party in which case we’ll refund you.

You’re responsible for your own travel costs, though we will assist for particularly difficult or expensive journeys.

Firstly, get the right vehicle to the right place and on time! If for any reason you’re delayed always call the customer and let the office know. You’ll have put all of your personal stuff in the boot on collection so remember to take that out, check your appearance and look over the vehicle before going to find the customer. The next steps will vary by customer, but there’ll always be full instructions in the job details we send you.

Always offer to show the customer the basic vehicle controls – having just driven the vehicle to them you should be familiar with them. For some new vehicle deliveries you may be expected to do a more detailed handover, including pairing their mobile phone, demonstrating the satnav etc., but don’t worry, we’ll train you to do this like a pro!

No, we’ll do a thorough induction with you including teaching you how to use our MiVIS App and appraising a vehicle, you will finish your induction confident in being able to undertake the role. Remember you will have full telephone support from the DMN driver support team as well as the induction team for any questions about vehicle appraisals.

You’ll be representing us and our customers, so a smart appearance is essential, so no jeans, T shirts or trainers. We expect our drivers to look and act like professionals, not only does this portray us both in a good light it helps you to be treated with respect, and to grow our reputation bringing in more work, which is good for both of us. We have branded workwear available.

No, we self-bill and pay direct into your account every week.

Unlike some companies, we don’t expect you to be away from home overnight and always plan to get you home, though rest assured if you get delayed and can’t get back we’ll find you a room for the night.

We have an App called MiVIS which you can download to your Android device, we’ll use this to send you full details of your work, and you’ll carry out the appraisal on the vehicle with it, capture photos of any damage and get a customer signature on delivery. It also has a satnav function so you don’t need to carry a separate device around with you.

Each afternoon we’ll send you a text message listing your work for the next day and details of any lifts we’ve arranged for you, you just need to check you’ve received the job details on MiVis and call the driver(s) you may be working with to arrange where and when to meet.

You’ll be partnered with one of our Driver Support Assistants who’ll be your day-to-day contact; they’ll provide with support and guidance as needed.

No, we’ll provide you with two fuel cards to purchase petrol and diesel & charge electric vehicles, though you’ll need to fuel little and often as requirements vary by customer – some must be delivered almost empty whilst others may need quarter or half a tank, though as with all other special instructions full details will be in the job we send to your MiVIS. On occasions when you do pay cash for fuel you will be fully reimbursed within the job on adding receipt within the app.

Ian Young

Ian Young

Recruitment and Field Service Manager
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Kevin Reihill

Recruitment and Field Service Manager